Academic Staff

Konstantinos Bitas

Konstantinos is a psychiatrist-psychotherapist. In 2001, he started his specialization training as a psychiatrist, initially in the field of neurology for one year and then for 3,5 years in the field of psychiatry. He has worked for 3,5 years in the state medical facilities of the Municipality of Athens where he was involved with the mental health of vulnerable population groups as well as individuals of the community (primary health care).  
At the same time, he collaborated with OKANA, the organization against drugs, in substitution programmes whereas since 2009 he has been working at OKANA as deputy manager in a substitution unit. 
Besides the field of addictions, he has been trained in the systemic psychotherapy for four years, in cognitive psychotherapy for one year and for two years he has been attending as an observer the meetings of a borderline patients group following psychodynamic psychotherapy. 
He is a member of ICPS academic Staff since 2013 with expertise in psychopathology.

Teacher Skills

Comparative Study of Psychotherapies
Systemic Psychotherapy

Education & Training

  • 2001-2007
    Specialization in Psychiatry
    University of Patra
  • 1999
    M.D. Medical School
    University of Patra
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