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COVID-19: The Challenge Becomes an Opportunity

COVID-19 & Academic Year 2020-2021

Without a doubt the outburst of Covid-19 has been and continues to be a huge challenge for the daily life for all of us. Many of our habits changed, our movements were restricted our contact with others was modified.

For educational institutions, the requirement to convert and deliver their programmes remotely was immediate. The College for Humanistic Sciences - ICPS and the Center for Humanistic Studies - ICPS, were perhaps the only licensed College and KEDIVIM respectively, which successfully predicted the evolution of the situation and the suspension of the educational institutions on 13.3.2020 and already from 11.3.2020 continued to provide most of the study programmes online with modern distance education.

Using four different platforms - depending on the type and experiential dimension of each programme - we managed to reproduce the rich experience of lifelong learning, while ensuring the health of students, academic and administrative staff.
In this way and with the responsibility that characterizes ICPS in its 30 years of operation, we have ensured the educational course of those who trusted us with their studies and the smooth completion of educational programs, without losing the slightest hour of training.
With this experience in our hands, we begin the educational journey of the academic year 2020-2021.
As we do not know the evolution of the pandemic in the coming months, while at the same time we want to offer a stable educational framework to our students, in agreement with the collaborating Universities and other institutions abroad, we have proceeded to organize most of our programmes in the form Blended Learning.
In this way most of the lectures in the programmes bearing the relevant mark, will be held in the form of online modern education, thus ensuring the least possible exposure to the risk of transmission of COVID-19, while at the same time given the opportunity to attend our programmes by residents outside Athens for whom until today it was impossible  to register due to the distance.
Every challenge hides an opportunity!


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