“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” 
Carl R. Rogers

Why study in the field of Counselling?


  • If you want to obtain knowledge and experience from the organisation that led the way and developed Counselling in Greece,
  • If you want your personal development and cultivation to be your basic tools in order to make your future clients feel safe,
  • If you want to get familiarised with the diversity of your future clients, this is the right place for you because here you will be trained in groups where diversity issues is one of the main courses of this education
  • If you want to evolve, grow and learn how to support others through this unique experiential experience
  • If values, like, respect, freedom, trust, authenticity, acceptance and empathy, represent you,
  • If you want to feel like you belong in the biggest person-centered scientific community of counsellors in Europe,

Then one of the Programmes in the Field of Counselling is the right choice for you.


Career Opportunities


People’s needs for support counselling have risen dramatically and occur in all professional environments. These people can be clients that will visit the private office of graduates that have the capability to work privately, can be employees in institutions, organisations, groups, non-governmental services, students, educators, patients, etc.
The knowledge and skills you acquire in one of the Counselling Programmes have practical application in any occupation dealing with people.
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