“Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth".
Jules Verne, French novelist and poet

Why study in the Psychology Department?

  • If you always had interest in understanding human behavior,
  • If you are fascinated by the way people around you think,
  • If you want explanations in questions like, why people around you have so many significant differences, for example in matters of intelligence,
  • If the terms, subconscious, instinct, personality, emotional intelligence, psychopathology etc., draw your attention, 
  • If you want to become acquainted with skills that will allow you to help others overcome problems, such as stress, sadness, lack of concentration, feelings of loss, depression etc.

Then, our psychology department is the one you should seek so that you will start building your future!


Career Opportunities

The graduates of this department, will have a wide range of career prospects. They can work as General Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Consulting Psychologists, Child Psychologists, Psychologists of Health, Organizational Psychologists, Athletic Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists etc.
Moreover, someone with studies in this field, is not obligated to be occupied with this and only this. For example, someone who has a Psychology Degree, is not destined to work only as a psychologist, but if they wish to, will have the possibility to work in organisational management, in advertising, in education, in research and many other similar occupations.
This field is of great desire for many students in Greece. It is estimated that almost 1,500 students amongst public Universities and Colleges that cooperate with European Universities, start their studies in Psychology.
Consequently, the level of the first degree has an intense competition. For this reason, especially for Greece, but also for many European Countries, a successful career requires the completion of a postgraduate degree or an expertise.
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