Professional Training

Children should be taught how to think, not what to think.
Margaret Mead, 1901-1979, American ethnologist 

Why study in the Field of Professional Training?

  • If you have a degree in Education Sciences and want to gain specialised knowledge and working tools to contribute in the development of students of all ages 
  • If you recognise the importance of psychological, social and emotional parameters in the process of learning
  • If you seek a training programme that besides academic knowledge will also offer you an experiential and practical application of theories
  • If you want to learn new methods on how to manage a great amount of study, how to practice your memorizing abilities, but most importantly how to improve your way of studying, understanding and handling the information you receive
  • If you want to recognize and evaluate your students’ learning difficulties and in the same time to design methods and intervention techniques in order to deal with them immediately
Then, specialisation through our Programmes in the Field of Professional Training, will cover your needs. 

Career Opportunities

Provision and parallel support for children with learning difficulties is a benefit that has been sustained despite the changes that have been made to our education system. Our graduates, during their education, gain knowledge and develop their confidence. With these qualifications, working in the field of education, is guaranteed. 
Moreover, nowadays, parents want to invest in the right treatment of their children because they become more and more aware of their children’s needs, learning difficulties and psychosocial grow. Through the co-operations of our Career Office, all graduates have their employment future assured.


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