Research Laboratory - "I. Iossifides"


The Research Laboratory “Ioulios Issifides” first operated in 2006. Today it is the scientific heart of the College and conducts the largest number of scientific research in person-centered counselling and psychotherapy all over Europe.

Ioulios Iossifides, Pathologist and Professor of Universities in the United States and Greece, and one of the founders of the College, insisted that university studies without the discoveries of new research, is like a fast car without an engine. A nice warp with substance. His vision was to create a research center that will conduct quantitative and qualitative research in the fields of humanistic sciences and especially psychology and psychotherapy.

Studies of human behavior at a level that will allow them to be published in international scientific journals are, unfortunately, something that, with few exceptions, is absent from the academic scene of the country. Therefore, the aim and philosophy of the Laboratory is to produce edge-cutting researches that on the one hand will help to fill this gap and on the other to enlighten the upcoming professionals.

The Research Laboratory is composed of important scientists in the field of social research in Greece and abroad and follows the international standards and ethical principles that govern each research from the time of "conception" of a research question to the realization and publication of it’s finding. 

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