Career Office

The Liaison & Career Office of the College organises and offers a range of seminars and practical trainings in order to satisfy the needs of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. The operational programme differs per year depending on students as well. Nevertheless, it focuses on offering students the following: 
  • advice on how to exploit their period of studying at ICPS so that to have better access to employers.
  • skills on editing CVs, submitting correctly applications and getting successfully involved in interviews.
  • ideas for how to benefit from their degrees and use the skills they have developed.
  • insight on how to work within different sectors.
  • information about specific careers and how they can be accomplished, as well as about the suitable Masters that will help in this effort.
Along with the above, through the Office links with the labour market, jobs are announced for both students and graduates; where necessary the appropriate recommendations are given. 
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