The public University of Central Lancashire was founded in 1828 and is the 5th greatest University in the United Kingdom, with more than 35,000 students in 500 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. UCLan is one of the few tertiary institutions in England that has an independent Psychology School - and not just a Department; furthermore, it is possibly the only institution offering 8 specialised undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Psychology. There are 40 researchers-tutors and many students holding PhD Degrees accommodated in a specially designed building at the central University Campus. The School motivates its personnel to offer students chances and support not only concerning Psychology knowledge but developing skills that will allow them apply Psychology on different working and activity areas. Based at the recent “Research Evaluation Exercise 2008” evaluation, 70% of the research conducted by the Psychology School was of “International Level”. According to the Times “Good University Guide 2012”, UCLan is the “Top Modern University in the North West”. UCLAn has been collaborating with ICPS since 2007.
The public University of Strathclyde in Scotland was founded in 1796, when John Anderson, Philosophy Professor at the University of Glasgow, wrote in his will that he opted for “an institution available for everyone, no matter the social and financial status…a University for useful learning”. Up to 1890 the University became a significant technological institute, well known for research and learning. In 1993, it was united with the Jordanhill College of Education, the top School for Teacher Training in Scotland. In July 2012, the University was situated in a single Campus, at the city centre. This project is part of a 350 million-pound investment carried out by the University for the development of an attractive, dynamic and digital Campus. Nowadays, the University of Strathclyde is the 3rd greatest University in Scotland with 15,000 students and 3,000 personnel. The School of Psychological Sciences and Health includes the Counselling Unit which is the core of the Person-Centred University education in Europe. The University of Strathclyde has been collaborating with ICPS since 1994.



BTEC – Edexcel is a member of Pearson, the greatest institution for the certification of qualifications based in Great Britain, and offers professional certification and training in schools, colleges, universities and organisations in over 90 countries. During the academic year 2011-12, more than 2 million trainees enrolled in Edexcel courses. The qualifications courses are provided via institutions like ICPS, which are monitored, evaluated and approved by Edexcel, and abide with the levels of  the European Qualifications Framework which are equivalent  to the Hellenic National Qualifications Framework. The courses offered by the Department of Continuous Learning - ICPS in collaboration with Edexcel expand from level 3 (one level prior to university studies) to level 6 ( i.e. equivalent to the level of a university degree). The aim of this collaboration, which initiated in 2014, is to provide certified knowledge in innovative programmes for graduates and professionals, combining the flexibility of Edexcel and the standard quality of ICPS.
The European Association for Psychotherapy is a non-governmental organisation recognised by the EU for Psychotherapy issues. It represents 128 organisations from 41 European countries and over 120,000 psychotherapists. Based on the “Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy” of 1990, EAP adopts high standards of training for scientifically based psychotherapy and declares free and independent psychotherapy practice. The main goal of EAP is the establishment and control of the application of common training criteria and deontology rules about psychotherapy practice. At the same time, it has formed the criteria for awarding the European Certificate of Psychotherapy, making free moving of psychotherapists throughout European countries easier. ICPS is the first educational institution in Greece that has requested and received certification as European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute (EAPTI). 
The American Management Association (AMA) was founded in 1913 and is nowadays the world leader in the professional development of people skills that lead business world both in the USA and other countries. The AMA offers programmes concerning Communication, Leadership, Personal Development, Marketing, Human Resources Management, etc. to professionals and companies via distance learning and other collaborations with educational institutions. Various organisations worldwide, including most of Fortune 500, trust AMA programmes and their development. ICPS has been collaborating with AMA since 2009.
World Association for Person-Centered And Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling (WAPCEPC)
The World Association for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling (WAPCEPC) was founded in 8 July 1997 during the 4th International Convention about Person-Centred and Focusing Psychotherapy (ICCCEP) that took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr. Ioulios Iossifides and Mrs. Polly Iossifides (co-founders of the College) were among the Association founders. The Association provides an international forum for professionals and scientists whose work is based on the principles of Person-Centred and Focusing-Oriented/Experiential Approach. It promotes and enhances the exchange of research, theory and practice among approaches and various civilisations, while at the same time it supports scientific research and practice improvement in the field of psychotherapy and counselling. Finally, the Association promotes collaboration and “interlocution” among various psychotherapeutic approaches, and publishes the scientific magazine Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy.


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