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Welcome to the Website of College for Humanistic Sciences – ICPS, the only College in Greece which has been specialising exclusively in the sciences associated with the human behavior since 1989. I hope that the information provided as well as a meeting with us will convince you to become members of our “family”.
The College legacy is truly great as it was founded by three scholars and intellectuals (insert link) who not only did they pave the way for the establishment of the specific sciences in Greece, by running, for example, the first Postgraduate Course in Counselling/Psychotherapy in the country, but they also contributed, with their on-going artistry and aptitude, to the induction of related professions into the Greek market and the interconnection of professionals via the foundation or co-foundation of various organisations. More specifically, the Hellenic Association for Counselling, the European Association for Counselling, the National Organisation for Psychotherapy in Greece, the World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counselling etc.
Throughout the years since 1989 until today, via numerous collaborations with local and international institutions as well as Universities in Greece but mainly abroad,  in combination with certifications awarded by international institutions and validations granted by the Hellenic State for the operation of both the College and the Continuous Learning Department, we continue to materialise the vision of creating a high standard quality training environment which embodies theoretical and experiential knowledge.
One single encounter with us will be sufficient for you to determine that at ICPS we strongly believe in the person’s inherent tendency and will for constant development and evolution in order to fulfill the maximum of their potential. We believe that this is the real motive for those who decide to attend our courses. We have seen this happening through obtaining substantial theoretical and experiential knowledge as well as through powerful faith in oneself, through unwavering self-confidence. The above goals are met by combining a great variety of courses as well as the means of support, contact and guidance offered to our students by our academic and administrative staff.
The personal development and the professional achievements of our graduates in the past decades in Greece and abroad, prove that we are on the correct trail.  I cordially invite you to join us on this path…
Kind regards,
Constantinos Pappas, 
Director General
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