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The College for Humanistic Sciences ICPS, with nearly 30 years of experience in providing specialized courses in humanistic sciences, announces the start of a new cycle of coaching training leading to the acquisition of the "Triple Certificate in Coaching".
Coaching plays an important and essential role at the international level in the most effective functioning of organizations, as well as in the most successful activity and presence of people in the professional and personal arena. Today coaches  deal with issues of performance, skill development, career guidance, personal choice guiding, goal achievement, learning new jobs and a positive attitude towards lasting change. Whether within a particular organization or at a private practice level, coaching is one of the fastest growing and well-paid professional areas in the world.
ICPS, responding to the need for specialized coaching training in Greece, presents an expanded training programme that covers basic Coaching skills and is addressed to individuals who want to work as internal Coaches in an organization / body or as a freelance professional.
Graduates of the programme obtain three certificates from valid international bodies and can (under conditions)  register with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In addition, since 2016, the programme has included training in "Everything DiSC", the leading workplace questionnaire completed by over 1 million people worldwide, and training in Daniel Pink's "DRIVE - The Surprising Truth About What Motivates People" methodology.
Successful completion of the programme leads to:
Coaching Clinic Certificate from Corporate Coach U (CCU)
CEU Certificate in Coaching for High Performance from American Management Association (AMA)
(University Certificate Programme - Continuing Education Units are recognized by various Universities abroad for undergraduate or postgraduate courses)
Certificate in Solution-Focused Coaching from  Management Development Institute (MDI)
Ability for registration (under conditions)  with International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Entry Requirements


  • University degree or similar education
  • English language comprehension is essential for bibliography
  • Two years of working experience is necessary
  • Successful interview with the programme leader
  • Computer knowledge is required to access the ICPS online development platforms



COurse Structure

The training lasts 140 hours and consists of five modules:

Unit 1: Introduction to Coaching – Self-awareness 
The first unit provides trainees with a basic understanding of what coaching is, familiarizes them with the ethical rules and ethics that govern their practice, and introduces them to the basic skills needed to be a successful coach. Using the fundamentals of positive psychology, particular emphasis is placed on the first unit, exploring the personality of the participants, to identify their strengths as future coaches and opportunities for improvement.
Unit 2: Coaching Skills
The second unit includes detailed training in leadership skills based on three main models: the model of Coaching Clinic from CCU, which includes the steps and techniques for coaching within and outside organizations, the model of American Management Association (AMA) for High Performance Coaching and Solution Focused Coaching from MDI.  In each model, trainees specialize in multiple techniques at the theoretical and experiential level, covering all stages of the coaching process (beginning, middle, and completion), while analyzing their personal preferred style of guidance through the PCSI questionnaire.
Unit 3: Trends and Challenges in Today’s Business Environment 
Third Unit presents the modern business reality and the challenges that arise in organization’s operation, problem solving, processes of setting and achieving goals, managing people and processes and change confrontation caused by the economic and social crisis in Greece. The purpose of the unit is for the coach to understand the environment in which his future clients live, work and develop (internal or external), so that he can then guide them by applying appropriate techniques. Using case studies from organizations, participants examine and analyze coaching issues and increase their readiness to recognize coaching challenges and address them effectively.
Unit 4: Personal & Interpersonal Development
In this unit, trainees participate in multiple experiential workshops on personal and interpersonal skills, which are a key criterion for success in coaching. These include workshops on empathy, communication, conflict investigation, mediation and facilitation of choice identification and decision making. The acquisition of knowledge and skills in the above subjects works complementary and reinforces the knowledge provided by the other unit as the coach develops internally and ensures effective, quality and successful coaching.
Unit 5: Practicum 
Fifth unit includes practical application of the techniques and knowledge developed during the programme. Trainees participate in hands-on exercises, alternately playing the role of coach and coachee. The practical implementation takes place at designated meetings between modules 1 - 4 and immediately after completion.
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The training includes theoretical and practical knowledge in the subjects mentioned above, which are presented through power points, case studies, experiential exercises, group discussions etc. Assessment is done through assignments, personal development calendar, participation and evaluation in coaching sessions and  individual case report presented by participants upon completion of training.
The programme runs on Fridays and Saturdays.


Entry Requirements

  • You will gain versatile knowledge in the subject that aims at establishing your career in the labor market
  • You will stand out with the acquisition of three International Coaching Certificates from distinguished USA and European organizations.
  • You will be trained by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the Coaching field in Greece and abroad
  • You will be equipped with instant practical tools and methodologies not only in Coaching, but also in psychometric evaluation, human motivation, Person-Centered Counselling, human performance improvement and much more
  • You will be able (completely free) to participate in training again in the future and to be trained in what has been added, thereby ensuring a constant "update" of your skills
  • You will study in a highly specialized educational organization with almost 30 years of experience in the field of human behavior
  • You will become a member of the ICPS family and gain access to a network of alumni with special privileges and close links


The Triple Certificate in Coaching aims to develop all the knowledge and skills that will make the graduate able to work successfully as a Coach, both in business and in life coaching. 

The graduates of the programme up to date:

  • Began their career as freelance Coaches both in Greece and elsewhere in Europe
  • Undertook human resource development positions / roles through Coaching and Training in their working organizations
  • Expanded their professional activities (especially those already working in counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, etc.) by incorporating Coaching techniques into their services
  • Include Coaching sessions on vocational guidance services offered to students and employees or the unemployed
  • Incorporate Coaching techniques and beyond the programme into their team management or have undertaken new administrative / supervisory roles in organizations

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