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Master in Psychology (CONVERSION)

Course Details

M.Sc. in Psychology (Conversion Course) is the passport to the scientific and professional world of Psychology, for those who have studied in a different field but wish to be trained as professional psychologists.

It is offered in collaboration with the 5th largest British State University and is recognized as a postgraduate title in psychology by the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) and provides the Graduate Basis for Registration from the British Psychological Society (BPS).

It is specifically designed to concentrate on the core substance of an undergraduate degree in Psychology, but upgraded to a postgraduate level. It is, therefore, intensive training in the principles, theories and specializations of Psychology, the development of skills and the acquisition of all the knowledge required for a career in the field, and the continuation of studies in BPS-certified specialty programmes.

A hands-on programme, designed specifically for adults and professionals, with leading-edge knowledge and skills acquired through case studies, simulations, experiential exercises, teamwork, lectures, and more.

Entry Requirements 


  • University degree in the field other than Psychology
  • English language comprehension of IELTS 6.5, or equivalent level. Those who have completed their graduate studies in English language are exempted
  • Two years of working experience are desirable, but not necessary

COurse Structure

The programme lasts for one academic year and consists of five parts. The first part covers the core of knowledge in psychology, such as its areas/specialties, but also the skill set as defined by the British Psychological Society (eg Social, Developmental, Biological and Cognitive Psychology, Research and Methodology as well ass Individual Differences). The second part includes training in popular specialties such as Forensic Psychology and Health Psychology. The third part includes placement in relevant bodies. Part four consists of the design and implementation of the master thesis that will evolve the science of psychology. Finally, the fifth part includes the personal development programme "Career Success Navigator ©", which aims to build all the skills necessary for students, both personal and professional, to succeed after graduation. The CSN is implemented with the support of the personal Coach that each student has at ICPS since the first day of their studies.

A brief overview of the courses 

  • PSYCHOLOGY FIELDS. Meaning and History
  • RESEARCH IN PSYCHOLOGY. Qualitative & Quantitative
  • HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY. Practical applications
  • FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY. Practical applications


Academic Assessment:
Evaluation in this programme is specifically designed to reflect both the variety of programme content and the range of its students (both age and prior education level). Includes assignments, presentations, personal and team projects, self-evaluation reports, exams, research protocols etc.

Entry Requirements

  • The programme will give you the opportunity, quickly and reliably, to "transform" the degree obtained in another specialty and integrate you professionally into the field of Psychology
  • You will receive a recognized postgraduate title in Psychology with professional equivalence (through SAEP - Ministry of Education) and will be able to use it in your current or other job
  • After graduating you will be enrolled in the world's largest professional psychologists' association, the British Psychological Society (BPS), and obtain the Graduate Basis for Chartership (GBC) (individual application process)
  • Obtaining this Master's Degree will unlock access to all BPS Certified Postgraduate and Doctor Degrees in Psychology, allowing the acquisition of specialty and Chartership Status / License to practice profession. In no time, you will be exposed to the whole core of the science of psychology through lectures, specialized seminars, hands-on workshops, role plays, case studies and more
  • You will you acquire the knowledge and skills that will help you to comprehend, understand and predict human behavior and be able to integrate these skills into your profession, even if you do not wish to specialize further in Psychology
  • You will be trained by ICPS lecturers, accredited by the 5th largest state University of Central Lancashire, with over 30 years of experience and complete specialization in the subject


Graduates of M.Sc. in Psychology (Conversion Course) from UClan and ICPS have the opportunity to:

  • Upon the application, to register with the British Psychological Society (BPS) as Graduate Members and to obtain the Graduate Basis for Registration (GBC)
  • To specialize in the field of Psychology by attending a BPS accredited postgraduate programme and obtain a Chartership Status and  License to practice profession
  • To gain access to other Postgraduate and PhD programmes in Psychology
  • To certify in Psychotherapy Approaches and obtain the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) from approved training centers (EAPTI)
  • To collaborate with agencies in the field of Psychology, interventions and the study of human behavior and conduct research in the field
  • To seek job opportunities in departments such as Human Resource Management, Personnel Training, Coaching etc.

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