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Master in Applied Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology is globally widespread field of Psychology. Especially in Greece it attracts a huge number of psychologists, doctors and other professionals.

The specialization, despite its roots in Hippocrates, was officially founded in 1896 by Professor of the University of Pennsylvania, Lightner Witmer, who founded the first "psychological clinic" to support patients with severe symptoms of anxiety and learning difficulties.

Clinical Psychology integrates science, theory, clinical observation and intervention, aiming at understanding, preventing and relief from psychological maladaptation or dysfunction, and promoting well-being and personal development. The central pillars of its implementation are psychological evaluation, clinical assessment/synthesis and psychotherapy.

The Postgraduate programme in Applied Clinical Psychology is specifically designed to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the core theoretical, methodological and empirical areas in Clinical Psychology.

Inter alia, it covers:

  • Theory and findings governing the application of psychological interventions to psychological maladaptation during human lifetime
  • Essential applied skills of the clinical psychologist, such as counselling and communication with the patient, family and interdisciplinary team, clinical assessment and diagnosis, intervention planning etc.
  • Ethical and other professional issues in the application of Clinical Psychology
  • Basic research methods used by clinical psychologists and their application in clinical issues and contexts
  • Applications of Clinical Psychology in health and forensic subjects, as well as in specialized subjects such as clinical neuropsychology


Moreover, important characteristics of the programme are:

  • Postgraduate programme with international recognition from the 5th largest University of England
  • Recognition in Greece from the Counsil of Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) as equal of the corresponding postgraduate programmes of the Greek public universities
  • Placement in clinical sectors during the postgraduate studies
  • Interdisciplinary group of trainers (clinical psychologists, psychiatrists etc) with a great experience in clinical psychology and its implementation in Greece and Europe
  • Flexible programme offered in full-time or part-time basis to be combined with other obligations


Entry Requirements

  • University degree, preferably in Psychology or a similar field
  • English language comprehension of IELTS 6.5, or equivalent level. Those who have completed their graduate studies in English language are exempted
  • Applicants who have completed a graduate research  thesis will be preferred
  • Two years of working experience are desirable, but not necessary
  • Very good knowledge (at first degree level) of Research & Methodology using SPSS. (Candidate who does not cover the criteria can attend a special intensive programme at ICPS)

COurse Structure

The programme consists of three parts. The first includes specialized courses/lectures, seminars and workshops on the subjects of Clinical Psychology. The second part includes placement mainly in mental health institutions, while the third one consists of research training in a clinical setting and the implementation of research thesis.

The subjects of postgraduate programme, inter alia, include:

  • Training in common disorders throughout lifespan (anxiety disorder, depression, mood disorders, eating disorders, abuse-related disorders, etc.) and in more specialized (eg personality disorders, psychoses, sexual disorder, disconnect disorders) related to four areas: child, adult, elderly, and learning disabilities
  • Predominant psychotherapeutic models in Clinical Psychology: Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Systemic and Person-Centred and their theoretical and empirical basis but also their implementation throughout life span
  • Differential diagnosis, assessment methods (psychometric and other assessments) and interdisciplinary cooperation in diagnosis and therapy
  • Psychopathology and basic principles of psychopharmacology
  • Principles and application of critical and systematic review and research protocols applied to clinical samples
  • Procedures for conducting clinical researches in collaboration with the recipients of services, caretakers and others involved
  • Development of core clinical skills used by Clinical Psychologists, especially in accordance with “BPS’ Division of Clinical Psychology Competencies Framework”
  • Structured clinical interview and other famous methodologies
  • Neuropsychological assessment as a basic skill in Clinical Psychology
  • The Clinical Psychologist in Criminology and special issues related to offenders
  • Professional and ethical issues in Clinical Psychology especially in regard to differentiated frameworks and differentiated groups and needs
  • International perspectives and cultural differences in understanding of psychological difficulties and well-being
  • Personal development, self-evaluation and supervision as professional tools
  • Work and goal achievement in interdisciplinary team


Academic Assessment:

Academic evaluation in this postgraduate programme includes a variety of methods: assignments, presentations, exams, self-assessment and personal development reports, role play, etc.


Entry Requirements

  • You will acquire multi-faceted knowledge on the subject aiming to your professional positioning in the labor market
  • You will be distinguished by having one of the few Postgraduate degrees in Clinical Psychology in Greece
  • You will contribute to the development of the application of clinical psychology in Greece through pioneering research
  • You will study in the highly specialized College with 30 years of experience in the field of Psychology
  • You will be trained by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with great experience in mental health in Greece and abroad
  • You will be awarded recognized postgraduate title that will open you doors in Greece and abroad
  • You will be a member of ICPS family and the 5th largest University of England


The programme aims at developing knowledge and skills that will make the graduate competitive not only in the Greek but also in the international labor market.

Graduates take up positions at: 

  • Sectors of mental health 
  • Units of detoxification
  • Organisations supporting vulnerable groups
  • Organisations offering psychological evaluation services (like insurance companies, diagnostic centers etc)
  • Special services of opinion/counselling provision
  • NGO providing services to refugees 
  • Hospitals and private clinics
  • Schools, counselling centers and business settings 


Of course, another activity for graduates of the programme is the exercise of the profession by providing psychological and psychotherapeutic services.

The programme also gives an advantage to a graduate who wishes to join one of the paid Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in England or other European country.


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