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Bachelor in Forensic Psychology

Course Details

The undergraduate programme in Forensic Psychology is offered in collaboration with the British University of Central Lancashire and is the first undergraduate specialization in the field of psychology operating in Greece. Responding to a labor market that seeks extensive specialization we bring and we offer Bachelor in Forensic Psychology, which intergrades the trainee into the seductive world of forensic psychology, while at the same time giving him specialization from his first degree as well as international recognition.

The main characteristics of the programme are: 

  • Possible recognition from the “Council of Recognition of Professional Qualifications”
  • Registration possibility in the British Psychological Society (under the procedure of Individual Basis)
  • Ensured continuation of postgraduate studies at any University abroad or in the postgraduate programmes that are offered by ICPS in Greece
  • Secured placement of at least 200 hours in institutions of private and public sector 
  • Specialized courses and practical knowledge in fields of applied psychology
  • 150 hours of training in criminal cases with psychological profiling of the criminals
  • Courses targeting to the configuration of the professional identity of the students even from the first year of studies
  • Professors with professional experience in the fields of their teaching subjects


Entry Requirements

  • High School Degree
  • English language knowledge/comprehension, level IELTS 6.0 or equivalent
  • Those who have a High School Degree of 18 or above will be preferred
  • Successful participation in an interview with the Lead of the Programme

The duration of the programme is 3 years and with the completion and identification of the degree from SAEP, the graduates can apply for the issuance of License of Practice for the Profession of Psychologist


COurse Structure

The programme consists of three parts that timely correspond to those years of full time studies

  • First year of study: The student familiarizes with the basic fields of Psychology: cognitive, biological, social, developmental, research- and gets to know not only the historical revolution but also the most important scientific points as they are being presented in Greece and internationally. Moreover during the first year, training and support of the English Language for psychologist is being provided. Moreover during the first year, training and support of the English Language for psychologist is being provided. Moreover, the basic knowledge of forensic psychology is established, with simultaneous exposure to Forensic Case Studies from Greece and abroad.
  • Second year of study: The student deepens and explores the central axes that determine the science and the way they are related and affect the specializations of Psychology. At the same time completes the analytical education in research and methodology which will be the key component not only for the last year of studies and the dissertation but also in any other postgraduate education in the future. Developed and more complex forensic theories, as well as training in diagnosing and interpreting the behavior of criminals, turn the studies into an everyday experience of solving complex criminal activities and incidents.
  • Third year of study: Specialized knowledge in the fields of applied psychology and in the manifestations of human behavior like individual differences, aggressiveness, criminology, psychopathology, stress in work environment, memory disorders, learning disabilities, eating disorders etc. In the third year of study the dissertation is being developed and placement in institutions is taking place. At the same time, the student is exposed and develops skills in the Profiling of Criminals, and is specialized in issues such as violent and sexual assault as well as the social dimensions and consequences of organized crime.

Entry Requirements

  • 500 students every year trust the specialized Bachelor in Psychology of UClan in UK, Greece and Cyprus
  • Graduates of this programme have been directly accepted for Ph.D. studies abroad
  • You will gain important knowledge but above all you will gain professional skills that will allow you to excel
  • You will have the opportunity to live an interactive learning experience with innovative Personal Development platforms with the support of your personal Coach
  • You will be able to make your first professional steps in the field that you will choose from your 200 hours placement in private and public sectors
  • You will become a member of the ICPS family who knows the subject of Psychology in depth and is specialized in it. You will study with the experts!
  • You will be a member of the British Psychological Society and you will be able to gain the License of Practice of the Psychologist profession


Upon completion of studies in B.Sc. in Forensic Psychology of the University of Central Lancashire at ICPS graduates are able to:

  • Work as Forensic psychologists in their own private office (following the recognition of the degree and the issue of the Professional Exercise License)
  • Work as Forensic Psychologists in cooperation with public or private sectors (security, army, private security companies, insurance companies, mental health sectors, units of detoxification, NPO, etc)
  • Continue their postgraduate studies in Greece or abroad in distinguished programmes of specialization
  • Choose through a Postgraduate programme, a second professional field of expertise, eg. Child Psychology, Criminology, Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Counselling & Psychotherapy etc. gaining a serious advantage in the labor market
  • With the support of their personal Career Coach from ICPS they can develop their own individual professional plan and implementation steps
  • Take advantage of reduced tuition fees for College graduates to pursue their Master's Programme in ICPS or UCLan
  • Become members of the ICPS Alumni, all of which are professionals in the field with extensive experience and a strong network
  • Become members of the huge Alumni of the University of Central Lancashire enjoying all it’s privileges 

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