Department of Corporate Training


The Department of Corporate Training of ICPS is the liaison and connection point between the study of the human behaviour and the business activity and organisational development. The Department, in fact, has been operating since 1995, having offered training courses in the fields of communication to the health care professionals of various EU countries. Nowadays, it designs and provides a range of services for the education, development and support of employees, through specialised training seminars and as well as special Employee Assistance Programmes.
The courses related to psychology, psychotherapy, communication and personal development are designed and delivered exclusively by the ICPS, whereas other specialised programmes regarding leadership, coaching, customer service, sales, human resources management strategy, etc  are designed by our specialized partners at the company Potential/MDI Hellas, with whom the ICPS maintains a strategic collaboration.
In these pages you may find information about the courses and the services that we have been offering as well as experiences and evidence of individuals or organisations who have worked with us.


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