Counselling Department


Training in Counselling, offered by this Institution, is based on the philosophical principles of Person-Centered Approach and is characterised by respect towards the uniqueness of each participant and by the effort in developing his own distinctive personality.
According to the Person-Centered Approach, the most significant means a Counsellor has to offer in the therapeutic relationship is his own self. His personal growth is what constitutes the creation of an equal, congruent relationship with his client.
Department’s programmes are experiential. Experiences, thoughts, dilemmas, reactions and emotions that rise during the group meetings throughout the training programme are covered with theory – person-centered and other approaches, psychopathology, ethics, research-methodology – which is always relevant to the issues that have come up. Continuing, the process is concluded through counselling application exercises. These exercises result in new rising of emotions, questions and realisations which once again are related to theoretical analysis and application of this new knowledge.

Department Structure

In delivering qualitative educational programmes, the Counselling Department, apart from the specialised electronic labs that offers to students, has access to the most well – equipped private library in the area of Counselling in the country. The available books concern not only Person-Centred Approach but all the theoretical approaches and practices, while there are collectible CDs, DVD, and video tapes of counselling sessions available.
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