Psychology Department


The Psychology Department is committed in offering comprehensive education, scientific research and service towards society. The educational programmes are designed to provide students with a powerful academic background in Psychology and skills necessary to every professional in this field.
Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking, creative abilities, interpersonal skills, moral principles and professional credibility, in an open – accepting environment where student’s education, support and guidance is a core belief.
Acquiring knowledge and understanding theories, concepts and empirical approaches applied in psychology, is another goal. Therefore, the training programme embraces a wide spectrum of theoretical approaches, including: biological, developmental, educational, clinical, organisational, individual, social, cognitive and educational psychology. Alongside, part of the students’ education, through elemental lab courses, is the understanding and comprehension of research methodology and statistical analysis of empirical data. Also, Department’s programmes cultivate competence both through practice in the scientific field and via research programmes under the supervision of the academic staff.
End result of all the above is the growth of excellent knowledge and unique confidence. 

Department Structure

Offering qualified educational programmes, Psychology Department, apart from the exceptional electronic labs that are available to the students, has access in the most equipped -with books and scientific journals of psychology- private library in the country. Apart from that, students have access to the electronic libraries of the Universities abroad with which ICPS cooperates, thus increasing the amount of documents available. 
At the same time the Department owns a series of Psychometric tools for research use, while this collection, in cooperation with the Research Centre “Ioulios Iossifides” is continually expanding.
Furthermore, students have access to the internal net (Intranet), in which they can locate presentations of all courses, supplementary notes, student and instructors’ posts etc. At present time, over 90% of the students in the Department use the Intranet while 98% of them find it particularly easy to use and 99% find it exceptionally helpful. 
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