Identification – History of ICPS

In 1987 the Intercultural Symposium of the Person-Centered Approach was held in Greece. This Symposium was the inspiration for the birth of ICPS and dissemination of PC approach in Greece.
In 1989, as a result of the Symposium’s activities, Mrs. Polly Iossifides, Person Center Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Dr. Ioulios Iossifides, Professor Emeritus in the University of Athens and Dr. Charles Devonshire, close associate of Carl Rogers, initiate the Institute of Person Centered Approach, the first institution offering professional education in Person Centered Counselling and Therapy in Greece. Gradually the Institute develops various programmes relevant to counselling issues. 
In 1994, the British University of Strathclyde in Glasgow of Scotland, certifies the basic Person Centered Counselling Programme of the Institute and according to the agreement between the two institutions, grounds the Postgraduate Diploma to the alumni. 
Since 1994, the Institute has a leading part and participation along with other institutions in the constitution of the Greek Counselling Association, the European Counselling Association, the National Psychotherapy Association of Greece, the Universal Corporation of Person Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling, the European Association of Person Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling Institutions, the Greek Association of Person Centered Approach, while at the same time takes part as an organisational member in institutions like the European Association of Psychotherapy, the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and others.
In 1995, the Institute organises the 6th Universal Symposium of Person Centered Approach in Leptokaria Pierias. The Symposium was greatly successful with participation of psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals of the field as well as students, from various countries of the world (Britain, France, Germany, Austria, USA, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Japan and so forth).
In 1999, a meeting of representatives of European institutions of Person-Centered Counselling takes place in Athens, under the auspices and sponsorship of the Institute. The foundation of the European Association of Person Centered and Empirical Psychotherapy and Counselling Organisations is on course.
In 2000 the Institute is renamed to Training Center for the Person Centered Approach (TCPCA).
In 2002, TCPCA is the basic sponsor for the publication of Tony Merry’s book, “Invitation to Person-Centered Psychology”, while the -at that time- President of TCPCA, Dr. Ioulios Iossifides was in charge of the translation of the book in Greek language.
Ever since 2006 TCPCA enters a new course in terms of internal growth and academic associations. The Bachelor’s Degree of Psychology is designed, which is certified by the British University of Central Lancashire. The affiliation with the particular University evolves into a franchise agreement for the Master’s program in Child Psychology. These programmes are highly recognised in Greek market and have great acceptance both for their quality and their philosophy. At the same time a series of very successful seminars and lectures is held.
In 2007, TCPCA takes its present form, having facilities both in Athens and Thessaliniki, with Psychology, Counselling, Management Education, Continuing Education and Research Departments. In order to include all its activities, it is renamed into Institution for Counselling & Psychological Studies (ICPS). 
In 2009, ICPS is developing rapidly. It designs a new postgraduate programme in Child Psychology and Counselling, which is offered to graduates of the MS.c. in Child Development by ICPS or similar title holders. It cooperates with the world known American Management Association and offers exclusively in Greece its programmes, while it co-founds the Potential Company for counselling services in development and education of human resources, offering seminars and coaching in businesses and organisations.
In June 2009 ICPS organises the International Conference “Person – Centered Counselling & Psychotherapy Today: … and Challenges” in Athens which was dedicated in memory of Ioulios Iossifides. 350 participants from 25 countries and 10 leading academics and professionals of Counselling and Psychotherapy from universities of USA, Europe and Greece as keynote speakers, exchanged knowledge and international practice ways.
In July and October 2009, ICPS is authorised by the Greek Ministry of National Education and Religion receiving the License of Establishment and License of Operation, after inspections carried out in its facilities by the committee of the College Office in 27 Augoust 2009.
Responding to the requirements of L.3696/08 for the recognition of Colleges, ICPS transfers all of its activities in a modern building of 1.200 m2, 5 minutes distance from the Metro station “Ag. Antonios”. Lecture rooms, labs, library, administration and academic staff offices and yard, cover all of the Institution's needs.
A new era begins… stay with us…