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ICPS is mentioned in the inlaid issue dedicated to postgraduate studies entitled "What will you do after your degree?" 

An Interview of ICPS College Managing Director in “Vimagazino”, concerning Colleges and Higher Education.

Interview of Managing Director of IPCS at a special inlaid issue about Education of the newspaper "Espresso" regarding studies in psychology.

Clarification of the Role of DOATAP regarding the Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

ICPS was the first College to cut the thread of the new operating license for Colleges on 24 July 2013.

Press Release about the Three-Day Seminar “Psychology Days” 2013 which will take place from 19 - 21 June 2013.

An interview with Dr. Andy Morley, professor of Psychology in UCLan, the 5th biggest University in Britain, about academic studies during the current economic situation prevailing in Greece as well as abroad.

An interview with Mrs. Polly Iossifides, President of ICPS, concerning the current economic and social situation in Greece, the actions that all Greeks should take in order to overcome the crisis, as well as the spirit which is cultivated in the College and the support provided to its members.

ICPS is mentioned in the issue about education entitled: “The Third Alternative in Education”.

ICPS, the specialised College for Humanistic Sciences providing high standard education for 22 years announces the launch of the undergraduate programme of Bachelor of Science in Psychology of Central Lancashire University. Registrations started on Thursday, 21 July.

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