Interview: The bachelor’s degree is a high yield investment

On Wednesday, July 18 2012, CITY PRESS newspaper published an interview of Professor of Psychology in UCLan, Dr. Andy Morley, entitled: “The bachelor’s degree is a high yield investment even in times of crisis”.

The interview is as follows:
Dr. Andy Morley, professor of psychology in the fifth biggest university of Britain, answers questions related to academic studies in the field of psychology amid economic crisis.

Q. Dr. Morley, the new economic crisis is spreading across Europe, making finding a job much more difficult than in the past years, and no one can surely predict an immediate improvement of the situation. Given such a hard context, why would anyone pursuit academic studies nowadays, and especially, Psychology?

A. First of all, we should clarify that, in such an increasingly competitive market, having a degree is the primary and crucial qualification for anyone who wants to develop professionally. An analysis of revenue in a European level, coming from future wages compared to the costs of studying reveals clearly the financial benefits that derive from having a degree. Given this, the question shouldn’t be “why should someone study, especially, psychology?” but it should rather be “why wouldn’t anyone like to study, especially psychology?”

Psychology graduates can work in numerous positions in a wide range of organisations, thanks to the ability of “transferring” the skills they have developed during their studies. Moreover, a further education in a postgraduate level (such as the Masters’ Degree in Child Psychology and Psychology of Health offered by UCLan through ICPS College), offers the opportunity to work in specialised areas. A degree in Psychology equips a person with efficient communication skills, with the ability to tackle with the latest technology, to work either independently or as a member of a larger group, and mainly offers the ability to understand a range of behaviors including their causes and effects. Through the Bachelor of Psychology of UCLan offered by ICPS for instance, we aim not only to develop knowledge on psychology theories, but also to provide students with the skills that will enable them to apply that knowledge in a wide range of positions such as in schools, in business, in the field of health, sports and economy, in the wider education and plentiful other positions.

Q. What are the advantages of the Psychology Department of UCLan compared to other Universities?

A. The programmes of the Psychology department are accredited by the British Association of Psychologists, which means that the courses are mainly defined by the Association and therefore, any courses offering the Graduate Basis for Chartership (GBC) follow a relatively similar structure. However, although the theoretical basis of the courses is similar, each University is free to provide the programme emphasizing its certain strengths.

The Psychology Department of UCLan focuses on applying psychology, laying emphasis not only on developing the knowledge that is essential for each psychologist, but also assuring that our students can effectively apply that knowledge in various fields. My personal message to those who study Psychology through UCLan is that: we will help you understand both the theory and the application of psychology, so as that you are capable of developing the skills needed for a successful career in the field you have chosen. 

Q.  What influenced you to choose the collaboration with ICPS College? 

A. The college for Humanistic Studies - ICPS is a specialised educational institution, which offers mainly Psychology and Counselling programmes. Given the positive experience of our students who studied in a postgraduate level at ICPS (in the Child Psychology programme and then in that of Health Psychology), the broadening of our collaboration about the undergraduate level in Psychology was a rational and consistent result. Although many British Universities collaborate with institutions outside Britain, many of the Bachelor degrees in Psychology that our competitors offer are provided in Colleges with a range of various specialties. The key component of our collaboration with ICPS is that it is focused and specialised in this area. Thus, we strongly believe that this attracts specialised staff with excellent qualifications as well as various research interests, which, in their turn, are transferred to our students’ benefit.

Furthermore, this collaboration is characterised by a series of common principles and beliefs. ICPS and UCLan share the common goal of developing the students’ progress so as to help them reveal their actual potentials. We also share the same moral standards in education that lead our students from dependent to independent learning and the belief that learning is achievable both through experience and teaching. Finally, we are driven by the same perception about the importance of supporting the students to develop the skills that will make them stand out in the job market and we do everything we can to support our students’ community.

Q. How does the studying experience in ICPS compare to that in UCLan?
A. ICPS is housed in a building especially designed to cover the needs of these specific courses, providing classrooms, laboratories, library e.t.c. Therefore, it offers the experience of academic studies in small classes, which allows an access to the academic staff in a more effective way compared to a bigger institution. At the same time, the programme followed is exactly the same with the one in England, while the staff of both institutions cooperates closely on a daily basis for the joint delivery of material, coursework and assessments. Students who complete the ICPS courses, like those in UCLan, can apply for registration in the British Association of Psychologists and for recognition of their degrees, invoking the same programme, the same quality tests and the same assessments as in England. This is the programme of UCLan, being offered in Athens by highly qualified staff in a close collaboration, in order to ensure an educational experience of an exceptional level.
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