M.Sc. in the Psychology of Health

General Information

As there is a developing concern for the protection of public health in Western societies, there is a significant increase in the search of those psychological factors that contribute in maintaining and promoting help concerning the outbreak and outcome of a disease or general health care.
At the end of the 20th century, heart disease and cancer were the leading causes of death in the European Union. Although there are effective medical interventions for those diseases, they are extremely expensive. Furthermore, according to surveys, public information on prevention, training of medical staff on the patient’s psychology, supporting patients to understand and accept their disease and giving them the opportunity to choose their own treatment, where possible, have helped significantly tackling the aforementioned diseases.
The new Postgraduate Programme MSc in the Psychology of Health, offered by ICPS in collaboration with the British state University of Central Lancashire, emphasises both academic and professional aspects on a range of contexts including: the promotion and maintenance of health; the prevention and treatment of illness; identifying etiologic and diagnostic correlates of health and illness; and the role of the health psychologist in formulating health policy. The programme provides grounding in the theoretical principles of Health Psychology, the development of health and disease models, and etiological and epidemiological bases of health and disease. 
To promote professional competence there is a strong emphasis on developing methodological rigour, research expertise, independent leaning, and critical thought. This is facilitated by exposure to a learning and research environment which is rich in mentoring opportunities from members of a team with expertise in the Stress Research, Cancer, Screening, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Smoking, Eating Disorders, Emotional Health, Pain, and Sexual Health.

Operational Characteristics

Starting Date 29 October 2016
Programme Duration 12 months full time
24 months part time
Teaching Language 1 or/and 2 weekends per month
Programme Type
Flexible programme,
suitable for professional/employees 
(adult learning)
Available Places 15

Programme Structure 

The M.Sc. programme consists of seven modules organised to deliver all the core areas identified in the 1999 BPS document “Criteria for the Accreditation of M.Sc. Courses in Health Psychology” issued by the Division of Health Psychology Training Committee. 
The delivery falls in two main areas – modules focusing on Health Psychology and Psychological Methodology and second-designing, conducting, analysing and interpreting the results of substantial empirical project in health psychology that will make a contribution to the discipline.
The Postgraduate Modules available are the following: 
Health Psychology: Core Psychobiological Issues
Health Psychology: Core Psychosocial Issues
Health Psychology: Core Intervention Issues
Professional Issues in Health Psychology
Measurement Issues & Outcomes in Health Psychology
Advanced Methods in Psychology
Advanced Health Psychology Project

Academic Assessment

The assessment is based on coursework, personal development diaries, presentations, design of intervention project, dissertation project and exams.

Entering Criteria

1. University degree, preferably in Psychology or a similar field (including psychology courses).
2. English language comprehension of IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 550 (213 Computerised) or equivalent level. Those who have completed their pre-graduate studies in English language are exempted.
3. Applications of people who have completed a research graduate assignment will be favored.
4. Two years of working experience - optional, not required.
5. Good knowledge (first degree level) on Research & Methodology using SPSS. (Whoever does not obtain the above can take a special intensive programme in ICPS).

Supplementary Information - Application Procedures

Further information regarding the postgraduate programme and application forms are available at:
Admissions Office - ICPS
56A Filikon Str., 121 31, Peristeri, Athens
Telephone: +,
Fax: +
Email: admissions@icps.edu.gr
Alternatively you can fill in the relevant form choosing “ Expression of Interest“ below


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