M.Sc. in Child Pscyhology

General Information

The new post-graduate degree by the Psychology Department of ICPS, in cooperation with the British state university of Central Lancashire constitutes, at present, the unique post-graduate educational programme in Child Psychology in Greece. This programme examines thoroughly the procedures and mechanisms that are activated during the biological and cognitive development of the embryo to an adult. 
This specialised Masters degree (M.Sc) aims at the enhancement of inclusive knowledge in issues about biological, cognitive, social and emotional development of children. Alongside, it helps in understanding of the divergence of child perception and of children’s abilities in comparison to the adults, while it analyses the way in which childhood experiences affect later individual development.
During the training, students study Child Psychology’s progress worldwide, procedures and tendencies, as well as the most recent scientific findings through electronic libraries. At the same time, focus is given on the study and comprehension of child abuse phenomena, child violence and aggressiveness, learning problems, divorce influence, etc. and how all of these are manifested in Greece in comparison to abroad. In addition, this programme develops knowledge and abilities of the students in psychological evaluations, research methodology and statistics issues and their research experience through their supervised postgraduate assignment.

Programme Structure

This programme has two parts. The first part includes a series of courses on specialised issues of child psychology and research methodology, along with practical training, while the second part includes the design, application, analysis and interpretation of findings of an empirical research which will contribute scientifically in the progress of the particular field.
In particular, the above are analysed as following:
1. Psychological Aspects of Child Abuse.
2. Infant Behaviour & Development.
3. Reading Development & Disability.
4. Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology.
5. Advanced Methods in Psychology.
6. Advanced Workplace Credit.
7. Advanced Psychology Project.
Soon, the following will also be available as optional courses:
1. Peer Relations in Childhood.
2. Developmental Origins of Sexual Preferences.
3. Adult Child Interaction.
4. Children & New Technology.

Academic Assessment

All aforementioned courses are evaluated through written assignments (100% coursework).

Operational Characteristics

Starting Date 29 October 2016
Programme Duration 1 year full time
2 years part time
Teaching Language 1 or/and 2 weekends per month
Programme Type Flexible programme
Available Places 15-20

Entering Criteria

1. University degree, preferably in Psychology or a similar field (including psychology courses).
2. English language comprehension of IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 550 (213 Computerised) or equivalent level. Those who have completed their pre-graduate studies in English language are exempted.
3. Applications of people who have completed a research graduate assignment will be favored.
4. Two years of working experience - optional, not required.
5. Good knowledge (first degree level) on Research & Methodology using SPSS. (Whoever does not obtain the above can take a special intensive programme in ICPS).

Supplementary Information - Application Procedures

Further information regarding the postgraduate programme and application forms are available at:

Admissions Office - ICPS
56A Filikon Str., 121 31, Peristeri, Athens
Telephone: +,
Fax: +
Email: admissions@icps.edu.gr
Alternatively you can fill in the relevant form choosing “ Expression of Interest“ below


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