B.Sc. in Psychology

General Information

ICPS, the specialised College for Humanistic Sciences, in response to the new needs of the enlarged European market and the requirements of European Directives on professional qualifications’ recognition in EU, offers in Greece the undergraduate programme Bachelor of Science in Psychology of the University of Central Lancashire.
Psychology as a science studies a series of phenomena including memory, oblivion, thought/cognition and problem solving, vision, hearing, language operation, acquiring intellectual abilities, verbal and non-verbal communication, social influence and interaction, personality and emotional development, manifestation of psychopathological behaviour, etc. While the scientific and professional field of psychologists is constantly expanding, this three-year programme offers detailed up-to-date education in this scientific field of psychology and introduces its theoretical, methodological and applied aspects to the students.
Having a variety of courses, practical approach, case studies etc., covering all the areas of psychology, the programme aims at the successful preparation of students for a career in different sectors, like those of psychology of health, counselling, social work, education, research, human resources management, criminology, etc.
On completion of the programme, graduates are awarded with the B.Sc. in Psychology by the University of Central Lancashire and may apply at the British Psychology Society (Individual Basis process); furthermore, they can continue their education with a postgraduate specialisation at every University abroad they wish or at the postgraduate programmes offered by ICPS in Greece.
The Psychology Department of the University of Central Lancashire is considered to be one of the greatest (in terms of students, programmes and instructors) and most qualitative programmes in northwest England. In a recent control by the British Quality Committee, it received the grade “Excellent – 24/24”, while the Times Good University Guide 2012, declared UCLan as the “Top Modern University in North-West” for the fifth consecutive year.
The combination of two educational institutions (UCLan & ICPS) - that focus on providing high quality education and foster a rich academic experience - guarantees undergraduate studies with international standards.

Operational Characteristics

Starting Date 17 October 2016
Programme Duration 3 years full time
4-6 years part time
Teaching Days Week days
Programme Type      Semi flexible with some afternoon evening hours
Available Places 25

Programme Structure

The programme consists of three parts, which correspond to the years of full time education. During the first year the student is introduced/comes into contact with the key areas of Psychology – cognitive, biological, social, developmental, research – and gets to know the historical development as well as the most important scientific attitudes as presented in Greece and internationally. Moreover, the programme offers training and support in the use of English language, specialised for Psychologists.
In the second year of the programme, the students deepen and explore the central axes that define the science and the way they relate and influence psychology specialisations. Simultaneously they complete the advanced training in research and methodology, which will be the key part of the last year and the dissertation, as well as/and any graduate education in the future.
The third year of study offers specialised knowledge in a number of areas in Psychology and aspects of human behaviour, like individual differences, aggressiveness, psychopathology, stress in the workplace, memory disorders, learning disabilities/difficulties, eating disorders, etc.
Indicative courses of the programme are: 
Introduction to Psychological Enquiry
Psychobiology & Cognition
Psychology in Practice
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Health Psychology
Research Methods
Individual Differences
The Psychology of Violent Behaviour
Memory Disorders
Juvenile Delinquency
Psychology of Reading
Eating Behaviours and Disorders
Psychology Project

Academic Assessment

All of the above courses are evaluated through written assignments, multiple choice exams, oral and written presentations, personal development portfolio, group and individual research papers and others.

Entering Criteria

1. High-school degree. 
2. English language knowledge/comprehension, level IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.
3. Successful participation in an interview with the Director of the Programme.

Supplementary Information - Application Procedures

Further information regarding the postgraduate programme and application forms are available at:
Admissions Office - ICPS
56A Filikon Str., 121 31, Peristeri, Athens
Telephone: +,
Fax: +
Email: admissions@icps.edu.gr
Alternatively you can fill in the relevant form choosing “Expresion of Interest“ below


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